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My Prayer

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on November 2, 2011 - 7:09am

Dear Lord Jesus,

Teach me...
Teach me Lord!
Shine upon me...
Bring me to a place you wanted me to be
Lord I hold on to your garment
I will not let go...
I will run the raise
However far I may go...
That I may follow you always
All my days...

Let no confusion come my way
Lead me to a place of warm embrace
Teach me your ways Oh Lord Jesus!
I want to lead the lost sheep to you
You have called me...
Let me follow you mightily...
Teach me Lord!
Teach me Lord!
You Lord Jesus are my refuge
My place of comfort

In You Lord I endure
Remind me daily
Teach me every day
Every hour...
Convict me with thy Loving spirit
Teach me to love...
Teach me Lord...
Teach me Lord!
Teach me to Magnify Your Name
Teach me how to Magnify Your children

Allow me to sit in the counsel of the Elders
Lord Jesus I plead for every lost soul
Help me reach out to them and make them whole
Lord you've granted me much love
Help me to convey Your Love
Help me convey Your Faith
Help me convey Your Joy

Let me not loose sight of your Weeping Room
Let me not loose sight of your compassion
Let me be in your counsel when evil aim to ovetake
I am victorious in Your Name!

Fill me Lord with your Love
Fill me Lord Jesus with your presence
Hold me back from all anger and stir me back
To your loving embrace

Help me Lord heal Your children
Help me Lord convey Your Loving heart
Help me feed Your children
Help me teach Your children

It is in Your presence that I've endured
It is in Your forgiving heart that I flourished
Lord release Your love upon those I meet
Today, tomorrow and never let me go...

Teach me Lord
Teach me Lord Jesus
Teach me Lord Jesus
For I ache to reach out to Your children...

Let me not be content in witholding the Peace
That flows from You My Lord!
Let me speak for Your Glory Lord Jesus
Fill me up with kind words
Help me to be a better stewart of your gifts!

Teach me Lord to share the Joy
Teach me Lord to open up their eyes
Teach me Lord to open up their ears
Teach me Lord release the gifts of the
Holy Spirit upon Your beloved children

Teach me
Teach me
Teach me Lord Jesus!


P.S. And above all Lord Jesus please bless the Josh Groban, family (Jack and Chris) and the Grobanites to achieve their dreams and aspirations. I pray also for the elders to be healed by Your Love and for great music to flow within our hearts and minds like living water. For You Lord Jesus are the only place.

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