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disney concert hall

lindyjean's picture
on May 8, 2012 - 3:38pm

so i got tickets this morning for the show in LA later in buddy and i did not opt for the high-priced seats, but not the lowest, either. we tossed back the first ones offered, then they were given right back to us, so we decided not to tempt fate and took them. later, we checked and of course, better seats were offered....then, we tried again, and more closer seats were offered, but we had already purchased ours....just a couple rows closer, but it just galls me that this happens.....oh to never go back and check and see what's available after you've already gotten tickets.

this may be the last time i see josh.....if his next CD isn't better than the last, i won't hang around. i respect josh's wishes to grow and change, but i will miss the old sound and the foreign language singing, so, i may have to let him go. sad......parting is such sweet sorrow.....

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