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Mistery = MR.E

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on May 26, 2012 - 10:39am

So I've been procrastinating lately...
Haven't done my bills and and the rest....Wow! I will soon get shot by my creditors and I'm not even going to buy a bullet proof vest!

Anyhow I was headed for a Messianic Jewish Congregation but realized that my neck has really been hurting lately and I need a little nap...Feeling guilty I turned on the You Tube on Messianic Jewish Sir c' MON!

Then there it is a debate on Jesus as G-d or Man! Then they mentioned the "MYSTERY of MONOTHEISM AND TRINITARIANISM!" Surprisingly I laughed out loud as if listening to a Serious St.And UP COMEddie show! ... MR. E Yeah! that's really hard to figure out! I've been writing my name Illera for so long now and that by the way explains why I see III =3 very easily. Come on. I + I + I = "I" = "1." I can not help but laugh at the thought that one needs a doctoral degree to figure it out when it's clear as daylight to me. I understand not everyone relates to me but look!

Mister Tree and Mr. E sounds alike!

Lately all I want is a knishh! I better run out and get me some before I die of hunger...And it cost more than $1.5. I'm going to feel really guilty that I haven't paid all my creditors. Wonder if I can tell them that my Dad's Got it! Please Daddy! Could you please pay them off for me...I promise I will teach more on the subject of MR. TREE! And BTW I am going to be Squicky Rich in a few more Months! I need to be discovered...with my very gay jean and high heels. I want to sell the GAY JEAN to all men and women so we can all enjoy the possibilities of being Happy! Now we can't wear the GAy JEAN everyday but we can wear the Jean while it's relatively clean.

Who am I anyway? I'm still figuring out WHY I've done 900+ videos and I can't stop thinking of funny stories in my head. I have the "Appline Theology!" I am willing! and I will not FAIL! I have all of Jew to listen up and carry the Torch of ToRAHHT!

EVeryone wants to be Just like Jew...When is the Jewish World going to see that Jesus was the Coolest Heavenly Father that gave us the cookies and crackers for unleaven bread! Un-leav -En! We want to be really JEWS! Two Jews make up Jes+US! "We all want to be Just like JEWS!"

Jew Raise me UP! Per Te! Mister E! We all want to be higher and raise tha BAR! Jew Wish to be Just like You!

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