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on July 23, 2012 - 9:31am

Dearly beloved Josh and Crew!

I am so honored to be on this journal as always...Looking back much things had been accomplished! Ivan only say that the Future for all Grobanites are good and splendid.

I am entering a time of cleansing and devotion, organization and concentration.

I realized that many may have been limited in entering on this journal. I know that some may have hesitated out of unnecessary emotions. I would like to apologize if my rants may have caused this.

Remember that I only wish for Groban and Grobanites to flourish immensely. Such pruning in today's society will yield to a greater harvest in time!

Knowing in fact that the influence of Josh Groban is only bound to multiply...I should prepare you in that matter! I have for many reason noticed the trend in Music industry. Good always beats out the latter!

From this day on...I only wish to bring Josh and his family of Friends and Partners good tidings. I am focusing on the Joy and Celebration of good message and music! Let us all be together as one in unity to good causes that promotes conscientious love for one another. Building trust, loyalty and devotion for a good inspiration.

Let us delight ourselves in God's glory! Yes! In Jesus name for there is power! There is great joy and real heartfelt desire to grow in talents and prosperity despite current news!

Here is a page of create many good things and relish on that which feed the hearts and souls! Shamelessly encouraging one another in love, prosperity, joy and remembrance!

Lovingly Yours,

Jacqueline V. Illera
Rainbow 1 (Remember My Promise)

P.S. I Love You!

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