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Thanksgiving Week

padmejyh's picture
on November 20, 2012 - 5:45pm

This is a time for giving thanks. I'm thankful for these times of the year that remind us to consolidate and take stock of all that is good and positive in our lives.

I love that I can be making noodles while my mind's in another world making stories.

Awesome bluegrass. They're so laid back about it too-- they're like, yeah, we can do this in our sleep. Thanks for sharing!

If I'm not writing much it's because my mind is in deep thinking work mode.

Haha very clever Josh. One of my favorite political strategies. When you know you're stretching it, go propaganda on the public. Looks aside, I'm sure it's quite yummy. Thanksgiving leftovers always are!

To heck with prudence and precautionary tales. Enter divine providence. It's the only way to tell a story as it is meant to be told....

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