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Dublin Concert

Rita Doyle's picture
on June 24, 2013 - 4:04am

We had a great time at Josh'c concert in the O2 arena in Dublin last night.
Our fourth concert and they just get better and better. ( though still can't win a 'meet and greet !')
The band were of course terrific and I like that he always includes local musicians and singers also, I presume he does this in every city, I don't know but I think it is a nice touch.
All songs were marvelous, a great opening with 'Don't give up', a lovely rendition of the Irish song 'She moves through the Fair', which I love ( check out The Michael Collons Movie version ) and we all love singing 'You raise me up' which made it a great finish.
So once again Josh and all the guys thank you very much and if there is any one out there who hasn't been to a live concert yet................just GO

P.S. why didn't I go to Wicklow on saturday ????????

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