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The Groban Concert...

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on December 3, 2012 - 12:23pm

It was a wonderful day at the Hollywood Bowl with 5 family members of mine whom I love dearly. I am thrilled to have make it happen despite the drive from San Francisco. My two nephews loved the show! Christian Morgan is an aspiring musician and can play the keyboard with ease and memorizes all the notes for music that he loves. Brandon Grove was amazed to finally see a Concert for the first time. I am honored to be the first to give them the wonderful experience of being in a concert for an A+ performer that has transformed people in so many ways.

It will be no big surprise to one day see Josh Groban as the Man of the Year. This is something I've gathered in the last year. Not to be patronizing but I've been praying for Musical inspiration that unites America and resonates to the world. It's a New Prayer Project for me. I'm still praying for the media and much healing across the US for UNITY and Harmony.

This new journey of prayer is one of the most Joyful and inspiring one as it will affect the atmosphere in more ways than can be imagined. I'm hoping to keep a log and journal of these Musical Prayers as I am excited to see what will soon take place.

With many plans on the Horizon, may I include my plans to move down to LA for what may pivotal time and a way to plant my feet and grow. This will take place next year after my mini-film is completed and ready to run. I'll be meeting with family and watching my nephews blossom to adulthood in ways that fulfills their dreams and carryon the Love of God that has provided them along the way. I've found churches to get involve in and I must say I am thankful to know many friends living in LA whom I long to spend time with and pray. I the meantime, I will be back and forth to visit family and hopefully meet the man of my dreams. This I will expound on in my next journal for to be brief...I only know the hair and shadow of his physique. And as long as I've waited, I trust the Lord delivers!

Meanwhile, I'll be working on my Shofar, voice lessons and hopefully get started on my guitar.

Cheers and much Joy,


I had this strange idea on a metaphor of Santa Claus.

Personally, I never believed in Santa Claus - Fat guy jumping in and out of the chimneys. There are no chimneys in the Philippines. However... After examining the story of Jesus from the Bible, Bethlehem and now the recently exhibited evidence of the Arc of the Covenant...

Jeremiah's Grotto is where the Crucifixion was found. 20 feet below is the arc of the covenant with a rent encasement from the earthquake at time of Jesus death. Notice that Jesus looked like a grape vine hanging on the cross. Blood trickled down into the Mercy Seat of the Arc of the Covenant to fulfill Salvation of all mankind.

Notice how the "Garden Tomb" is where Jesus was laid. The empty tomb and the nearby winepress. Jesus is called the Flesh and Blood. Communion with Christ is to believe and partaking of the bread and wine in commemoration to his death on the cross, resurrection and salvation of mankind. Jesus is the Wine based on the crucifixion and bloodletting into the Mercy Seat of the ARC of the Covenant (chest of Commandment tablet). Blood is tested to be human (taken by Ron Wyatt) 23 chromosomes from Mary and Y chromosomes from YHVH.

Interestingly enough, "Sleigh Bells ringing" don't make sense unless you can think of "Slaying of Jesus on the Cross." Santa (looks like a blob of blood) is dressed in red and whitetrimmings for red and white blood cells. Santa crawls into the chimney and not the window or the door because the blood of Jesus trickled into the caverns to the open mercy seat. Bethlehem manger currently looks like a chimney and you can see the wine poured out on the display. Then the presents are provided to the children.

The gifts are ripped and children enjoy the surpise. Arc of the covenant encasement is also rent/ ripped. Santa Clause is not a person but blood of Jesus Christ. We are Present at the foot of the Christmas tree (upside down Israel). Gifts are generally boxed.

Here is a riddle (read El). I hope this helps someone.

It's been a great year of adventure and am very thankful for my life that the Lord has given me. I'm praying for greater blessings and family to prosper.

My main focus for the next years is to be a good wife and mother. I would love to sing more for my family and friends. I am eager to cultivate my voice and encourage the children just like most women in family have.

When I look back I've notice the hand of God upon me on many occasions. I would like my family to see the same and to be in One spirit.

I have two nephews that really need moral support and I'm going to make it a point to guide them in every way. I'm planning a trip to LA for Christmas. I'll be in the Hotel at Santa Clarita. I promised to look for resources for them and take them to LACHSA performance so they could be inspired once and for all. My nephews can play instrument. I don't up to now but would love to see them do more of it.

Once a month I hope to go down to LA and take them on a nearby volunteering opportunity and find scholarships for the two boys to get involved in. As the Lord leads I may have to move there to make it easier perhaps in months when my contract here is done.

I'm praying for greater opportunities. I would love to get involve in more writing and encourage Brandon to do more writing of his own. He has not had very good male influence on his life and I'm praying for the grace of God to keep him from any more bad influences and for wisdom. Brendon was premature because of his biological father. His step dad demeaned hims most of his life soon as his brother was born. He has a mark of a great leader and children of his age followed him. His step dad had a breakdown and after much influence of cannabis ended up in jail then to a Veterans home. Both him and his brother went to foster home. Finally went to a relative of the step dad. Brendon is a miracle child who was born at 6 months and had to have blood transfusion from my cousin to survive. He knows his family will always love him despite the many trials and we would like for him to lead a good life and support his younger brother Christian. These children look up to me for sound advise since my cousing is hard up in guiding them.

I know that music can change children. I've had my heart broken realizing Brandon loved crazy rap and rock songs. This is not his destiny. I don't control children I can only guide them and pray for more supportive people around them.

This year it's all about my future family and family. Set aside politics...My family matters more. I am hoping to have a family one day and it's all going to happen the more I am in tuned to my spirit. I always aimed to be a good example to the young ones.

It's been over 3 years since I started dating and I can't really blame anyone about it except I moved too much and don't feel like starting a new one without real prospect. At least I know what I want and what I'm willing to compromise. I need a man who can cherish me and love me for who I am. Someone kind and dear to my heart. Who loves to laugh and take things lightly...responsible and reasonable.

It would be great to date Josh Groban and sing with him...Doubt the guy thinks of me anymore. I'm probably on the cathegory of less than likeable woman at this point.

I still wonder what all those funny e-mails and letters could have meant. Was it all just a dream?

Too bad...I would have made a great sensation for Music industry...Here's a very famous man and a...Who the heck is that woman? Ohh! It's a fairy tale. Anyhow, I suppose I don't meet the standards for stardom... Not desperate enough to bear my soul. I just want to set a good example and I goofed off. Broken hearted and all I don't seem to die from dissappointment. I just write another story.

I stories brewing in my mind. ET for Fun...The new saga of Ms. Lee meeting Principal and all the charades to the clandestine love affair. I can't wait to write them. If only I have people to write things up for me it would all be great!

Ooops...coming back to reality...My chance of being a writer would have to miracle. Paying of my debth and saving some money is all I could do for now...By the way I paid off 12,000.00 in debt from all my traveling and $14,000. to go plus a house to short sale. I suppose all my adventure has been expensive but I'm not any worst than most people.

Singing has been good. I can tell there is a change in my voice and I'm hoping to sing more of Edith Piaf and duets with Josh...on You Tube. One day my voice will heal and comfort people...One day my voice will open up the heavens with laughter and joy. (Sounds like a tall order? Perhaps not.) Perhaps I could stop the flooding or open up the sea with singing. Harmony and grace that extends beyond the Earth to the glories above. Hmm...All that Echoes...I can't wait to hear!

Hmm...This will all be crazy when 10 years from now my own children and relatives will find out what I've done on You Tube. I sure hope I inspired some courage to everyone.

The Lord did tell me I will be singing more. For Him...His glory and to make His Children laugh! I love it!

And once all is said and done. I want to leave this world a happier place. That all may know ...The Lord loves Humour and Laughter. The Lord loves music, dance, food and more children. The Lord Jesus Christ loves people so much He came and He longs to take US back home. That God is not an illusion but a reality more real than rocks and expanding universe. And life on earth a Stage...We only play a part and one day we go into eternity with the Lord...only if we choose too.

I have more to say...but I have to go to work...and cherish the times with those I meet rain or shine.



P.S. I am looking forward a new wave of inspiration in the music industries. All these children in the High Schools finally listening to good music. And All That Echoes Food for the Soul!

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