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1st time I heard Josh Groban

MamaofanAngel's picture
on August 31, 2015 - 6:02pm

I just went back to work after losing my daughter. I was listening to the radio and You Raise Me Up came on. My daughter has lost her battle to cancer in November 2005 . She was diagnosed in October of 2005 .. Leah was only 17 ... The song sent me running to the bathroom in tears . It was everything she was ... The song describe all that she was ... Leah came to me as a miracle at 2lbs and 2ozs. She saved me. To Where You Are , lets me know she is with me always ... Atlanta, Ga will be my very first Josh Groban concert ever. My husband surprised me with it as our 1st year anniversary and my 47th birthday gift ... We were married on 9/7/14 and my bday is 9/13 ... So excited to see Josh in concert ... Thanks for letting me share ... This is Leah Lee McCullough ... Her last prom ... She came to me as a Miracle and went to Heaven as a Blessing ... Thank you Josh for the songs to help me know , she is always with me and gave to all who knew her ..

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