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@DEBORAHHARDIN16 I love Tim and Erica

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@KrisKiely beats buying a vowel

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If you close your eyes and listen to the commercial "Siemens: building the future of America", it sounds funny and oh so true.

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@yelyahwilliams this is a thing?? Where can I haz it?

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@zoetica sounds about right

Posted 32 min 45 sec ago via Twitter

@DavidSpade you've never swam the 200-meter vampire stroke before?

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RT @NormanScooter: Here I am with my official Guinness World Records certificate!

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Baby you mean so much to meme

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@RaleighRitchie love them, your future is a bright one

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RT @henriksen1: @joshgroban I guess you can call her 'Scarlett No-Van-sson. I'll get my coat.

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I just saw Under The Skin. FANTASTIC film but I will NOT be getting in any unmarked vans with Scarlett Johansson ever again. Done with it.

Posted 12 hours 30 min ago via Twitter

@nataliejmooney @Chanharp missing out

Posted 18 hours 31 min ago via Twitter

@zasobel that's one way to read what I wrote

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RT @LilyDiLorenzo: @joshgroban don't you mean Lorde of the Rings?

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When Lorde sings about living in cities that you don't see on the screen is she talking about in New Zealand because HELLO LORD OF THE RINGS

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Gym-shrink-gym. Today's health sandwich.

Posted 22 hours 14 min ago via Twitter

RT @Cgroban: Mark your calendars folks. Documentary I edited coming to theaters, directed by @joemanganiello

Posted 1 day 26 min ago via Twitter

Today is a @RaleighRitchie day. Great, underrated artist.

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RT @AbandonedPics: A hornet's nest found in an abandoned shed. The head is apart of a wooden statue it fused with.

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RT @BrendanHeinz: @joshgroban I've now been fired because of you...

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