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Oh my god I can't stop laughing. All hail @VicBergerIV

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@frostymich @LouiseDearman yeah how does she do that?!!!

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Thanks for waiting and thanks for the seriously, seriously super serious love Belfast!!

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@LouiseDearman I watched it in London!!! I love it!!! Best tv.

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Happy to join my friend @richardmarx in this campaign to #takeabreathforcf

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@AlfieBoe @mrmichaelball It's just par for the course for ITV's new hit reality show That's So Alfie!

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Woohoo!! Thanks! You're in for quite an experience! #followthecomet

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@mrmichaelball @AlfieBoe sounds glorious and spine tingling!

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Great to be part of this wonderful organization, and such a fun video to shoot! #artsed #findyourlight

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@AlisonSudol @CoolestLifeHack

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@AlfieBoe @mrmichaelball I've never had that much energy in all my life but if I did I would probably interpretive dance to speed metal!

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Woohooooo it's @RedNoseDayUS!! Hope everyone stateside is able to tune in and contribute!

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Wanna start a travel blog called In Continent. This joke pun co-written by @OfficialKat.

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She helped so much on my records. She was a tremendous young woman taken too soon. May she RIP. #fuckcancer

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Way to go @SarahMcLachlan!!

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I'm on a bus on a ferry. #tourception

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I miss my dog's bottom-of-the-sea breath a lot. Only pet parents will understand this dichotomy.

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Look at these kool kidz. They've sung their hearts out this tour. Have a great final show tonight BITA.

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