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What I wouldn't give to read all of KISS's text messages at 6 am this morning as they were getting done up for the parade

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RT @aaronpaul_8: The show must go on. #MacysParade

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@christianhebel should we tell the fans you've just been syncing your unplugged violin to the album "Itzhak Live At Red Rockz" every show?

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@OfficialKat heyyyy srry my name is Ken I wuz trolling u lov ur tv show

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@OfficialKat aw my handsome dog and I are thankful for the pretty cat lady who smells nice too! Awkward if you weren't talking about me.

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@stu_mather_ but I love when you get mad at the telly

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@guybranum I'm thankful for him too for not giving in to that annoying "handsome twitter picture" trend

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I'm thankful for all 782k of my followers, but especially to the same 9 people who write me every 10 minutes. PS your 9 families hate me.

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On this day, as it has been for centuries, people scatter in the city of Istanbul for fear of being "chewed and swallowed by Matt Lauer"

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@katyperry at least they're hailing you #goodnightfolks #hereallweek

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@LotusFlowerWar @amandasplea she will succumb in time. Zoom in closer. She will turn. ZOOM DAMN YOU ZOOM. #christmas

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Hey folks my dear friend @idinamenzel has a Christmas album out and you should all hang tinsel to it! OR IM TELLING SANTA TO SKIP YOU.

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It's so easy to say we're turning into dot dot dot. But we've always been dot dot dot.

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@suzannehogan why thank you Suzanne! Very kind of you. Hope to return!! Xo

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@karolynRice I've been in the studio every day for 3 months you nettlesome ninny nincompoop

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Traffic boredom makes me all james earl jonesy

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All I want is a promotion and a coroner office

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My thoughts are with the Ferguson community. I hope the frustration, as well as the love for the Brown family, shows itself through peace.

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@OfficialKat you are very adorable. I'm coming to take you for dinner.

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