"Higher Window" Performance Clip

"Higher Window" Performance Clip

Watch a clip of Josh performing a new song called "Higher Window."

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The lighting and the beauty of this place is perfect (it is the same location that you recorded February Song?)


wow...... very beautiful song!! très contente du retour de Josh avec un nouveau CD

Uncanny resemblance to a passage from Nicholas Sparks' book, The Last Song-pg. 345--..."Do you remember the window we made together? I call it God Light, because it reminds me of heaven. Every time the light shines through the window we built or any window at all, you'll know I'm right there with you, okay? That's going to be me. I'll be the light in the window."

Love and best wishes to have the time of your life sharing your remarkable gift with those fortunate souls attending your preshows.

The bench at sec. 56 is Awesome! lol I would love a bench like that. Your song is beautiful too. If I had to pick between the three songs that are up, I don't think I could.

You are the most amazing singer I have ever heard and every time I listen to one of your songs I fall in love with you even more. Congratulations on all of your success and hoping you have much much more.

My Dear Josh. Im so glad i discovered your magnificent talent. When i was young, i sang, but never persued it! And now, when i hear performances like this, i wish i had.... Good luck with the album.. You are the best ...John Keppy

I could imagine Sweeney on the bench. Where is he?

i love all three video clips. in fact, it is getting tougher to decide which is my favorite. would love to have all 3 of them on tape. it is nice to have them at the stoike of the keyboard, but it would be even better to watch them even when our computers are not cooperating, or on a personal dvd player any time. so much talent, this is sure to be the hottest selling record yet, Josh. again, thank you for your time and for caring. love you and the music, maybe even sweeney! :)

Can't wait to listen the new CD!
Beautifull song...

Hay Josh, porque me haces esto, casi me matas de un infarto al ver lo bello que es tu video, realmente hermoso. Ya no puedo esperar más tiempo, ya quiero tu disco.
Come to México soon, please!!!