Josh & Renee Fleming Perform Brigadoon Medley

Josh & Renee Fleming Perform Brigadoon Medley

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fantastic. ur my all time favorite. ur voice is just amazing.

OMG this brought back memories. I play the harp and played in the orchestra pit of my High School concerts and of which was Brigadoon :)

I finally have a new computer with a camera and microphone! Not that I can see any better, Josh, Hahahaha! Zahara's just so glad to hear you again! Your light is still burning! Dear God, I wish I could skype Josh! Thank you Josh. I know it's been a wile since this was recorded, but for real, my old computer finally bit the dust, and I finally got a new one. Lots of love from me and Guide Dog Zahara! Heather

Josh, This is Don and Susan from David Conover and the European Ballet Tour. Have you heard from David/?
Please let me know where he is...We need to talk with him and you if ok.
Thanks, Don

Music Box Dancer...Dream of the Matador. Robin in the Spring Absolutely love your talent as you know.

Scintillating performance.

Wow....Absolutely incredible, awesome and great voices.....

Renée Flemming is one of Canada's treasured voices. How very appropriate that she sing with another treasure–Josh G.–and that they sing from a classic and well loved musical. It was beautiful!

Big Fans of both,

This was amazing Josh!! I never imagined you would team up with Met opera singer Renee Fleming. But why did you rush off the stage so quickly? Was everything all right?

TOTALLY AWSOME ! The pairing of Josh and Renee is as natural as water flowing in a stream ! A true Pleasure for the Senses ! A Performance Well Done !

You and Renee were Absolutely WONDERFUL:)!!! I loved the interview ( The things that you said were so funny:))!! Many Thanks Again for this:)!!!

Brigadoon - This has always been at the top of my list of favorite musicals. Bravo Josh & Renee on an musical feast for the ears!

Great performance in wonderful harmony!

The Orginal Broadcast Aired Only 4 Days Ago ! Already I Have watched The Recast Of The Show 3 More Times ! I Have Always Loved Renee ! This Was A Pairing Made In Muscial Heaven ! You Should Consider Making A Duet Cd With Renee !

What a gorgeous duet! Josh, you were adorable and sang so beautifully. Renee was excellent as always and so comfortable chatting and singing with Josh. Loved all of it!

Finally a singer whose voice not only matches Josh's voice, but compliments it. Great pairing! Of course, I liked Josh more, but compared to other people, Josh has dueled with, this is good. I LOVED THE INTERVIEW! Josh is so humble and humorous. It's awesome! Loved it! Go Josh and Renee! :)

What a magnificent sound!!!! I closed my eyes and pretended I was in New York at a theater on Broadway and Josh and Renee transported me there. What depth. What a great pairing of voices. They sounded fantabulous. I loved every second of it. More More. Josh, it would be great if you were to in a musical on Broadway. I would travel from Michigan to hear you perform in a musical. Someone offer him a role in a musical now playing on Broadway. He would make sooooo much money for you. Please grab him up. PLEASE PLEASE. Someone grab him before I do. Thank you Josh for letting us listen to your most beautiful voice. Hugs and kisses Dorothy Cook



one Word: WOW!