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The Hour Rule

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on January 19, 2012 - 6:52am

The letter of Xknown Origen
In one Hour much can be done. We will get ready for Our Big March Production. So on your computer…We will have a group of 4’s to write down listing of their friends and family to invite to our ET for Fun. We will be using the Downtown Theater for the production on Main St. Tickets will be sold in the next month but the logistics are to strategies.

One Hour to collect all the e-mails and make phone calls and text this Wednesday so get the e-mail contacts ready. Ticket will be voted on $4.00 $14.00 $24.00? The proceeds will go to our College visitation expenses. We have the roster for the college visits. All those who are in their senior Year must get their Application going and set. The College Voyage will be highly inspiring as you will be presenting to each one of those Colleges a taste of your production skill. This is why we are doing 1 hour skit writing and 1 hour presentation. Scholarships are being listed by the library for Major IVY league and tech college scholarships. Grades must be up for the year! Fish, Phonies, Rabbit and Turtle Group scheduling and strategies are major part of this group. 1 hour every other week to get your Life Coaching done. Your planners must be full of good contacts and good strategies to get all your homework done. This class is not to interfere with your scholastic activity.

Mai: Could you please repeat that please…I got you on recording…

Wanda: Alright Mai…Record it for the rest…I don’t see any pens moving. Time is important…]
Luke: The time is in our hands!

Demitry: literally..
Corrine: I got it down on my planner…I can’t wait for Yale and Harvard…
Raj: Can I get scholarship to Oxford and fly the whole class there for a visit?

Wanda: Boy are we getting ambitious?

Raj: skies the limit. I have relatives in London and I can stay there if I want too!

Maduri: Get out! For real Raj?

Raj: Heck yeah!
Lara Lei: Yale would be exciting..
Demitry: I prefer Carnegie Mellon
Luke: It’s gonna be hard to find a date Demitry
Wanda: Alright get your Calendars ready this Wednesday…It’s your turn to get organize. Start the year with a good start and get the ball rolling.
Corrine: Great…One hour with “sweetness.”

Raj: you girls are so corney…for real? You call your planner “Sweetness!” I call mine Quarter Back!

Luke: I call mine…

Fatima: O Beh One!

Luke: How djew know that?
Fatima: I just guess Luke!
Luke: Actually…It’s Darth Vader! So Fatima…Which College you gonna go…
Demitry: Where thou go …I go…
Corrine: I call my planner Ruth!
Demetry: Mine is “The Tempest!” I will do one hour of Application calling to all my favorite schools and I’m gonna be a President of my Fraternity…Delta Tao! I hold the Key to the next Fronteir..
Luke: Where thou go…I gotcha…

Alright Class: Time is up…One Good Hour ….Wed…Ness…Day! Study planner 4:00 PM Pron…TO…. Rm. 404. ET 4 Fun at 7:00 PM Good Fridays

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