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  • Josh Groban wrapped up his summer Harmony Tour on August 2nd in his hometown of Los Angeles, playing to a sold-out crowd at the beloved Greek Theatre. 

    The Harmony Tour kicked off June 17th and played over 25 cities across the country. It featured an eclectic night of music with support from singer/songwriter Eleri Ward, the legendary New Orleans’ Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and featuring violinist Lucia Micarelli.

    A huge THANK YOU to all the fans and friends who supposed...

  • Due to a scheduling conflict, the show scheduled for July 13 in Bristow, VA is cancelled. Refunds are available at point of purchase.

  • Just Announced! Josh Groban’s Great Big Radio City Show will air on livestream June 24th (available On Demand thru June 26th). And an exclusive VIP experience is available with Josh himself via Zoom on June 24th before the first airing.


    Tickets are on sale NOW at ...

  • As a thank you to fans for all the love & support recently, we’re re-airing the 2021 Valentine’s Day concert for free! And Josh will be logging on to chat alongside with anecdotes, dad puns and inappropriate jokes. :)

    MONDAY 2/14 @ 5:30PM PST

    And don't forget you can set a Reminder on Youtube so you don't miss it! CLICK HERE to sign...


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