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Taking Care of Business

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on May 19, 2012 - 6:42pm

I really have to buckle up and get all the papers done...The Black Ruth Stand Up has consumed my daily thoughts. There's no way I don't nail it down. I just have to be practical and start saving money. I have lots of things to get situated. If I can park my car somewhere and manage to save Parking that would be great. I have to ask all relatives for some advise.

Anyhow, Andy Engel is one I need to get in touch with my material and Karen Bergreen. I have a lot more material to do. At some point I need to get in touch with AVI Lipkin and start saving up for trips next year. I'm so swamped with new paperwork and finally getting things done. I have filing all day tomorrow along with 2 hour church service. Wonder if I should do laundry. There seems to be a lot of little things to get busy with. I might have to just move to Staten Island to save some bucks. I'm really inspired. I should Target no more than $8.00 for daily meals. $1.50 would be like eating bread all day from a very cheap deli. I gotta find some cheap nibbles in NY.

Now, my focus is simply getting my skits going in various comedy clubs. I might have to just settle here in Roosevelt in case I find a good spots for comedy. It's really fun and exciting. I have to do more of my Elvis Impersonation. I'm praying for really good connections and what have you.
All my prayers are just to propel all comedians to the market. It's Show TIME! Who knows I might be doing my skittles all around the world in 90 days. Elvis and John Wayne will be my Alter EGO! Man! I feel like a woman! "The Women takes IT All!"
Black Ruth is soon out for a Sprawl!


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