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  • Check out Josh and Sara as they chatted with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show to talk about Hosting the Tony Awards!



    Part 1:

    Part 2:


  • In case you missed Josh and Sara Bareilles on CBS This Morning you can watch the full clip below. Don’t forget to watch Josh and Sara host the Tony Awards, this Sunday June 10th only on CBS.

  • London! Manchester! Dublin! The Bridges arena tour is coming to you and I couldn’t be more excited. To be back at the O2 and to be playing venues this size in Manchester and Dublin is because you kept coming back and bringing 500 new friends every year for the last 10. Thank you so much, I’m gonna give you a good one. See you there!


    December 12

    The O2 Arena

    London, UK


    December 14

    Manchester Arena

    Manchester, UK



  • Tune into the One Show tonight on BBC One in the UK! Josh will be on along with Roger Daltrey and Cyndi Lauper! For more info visit

  • Our 3rd annual Find Your Light gala benefitting arts education was a huge success!! Thanks to our brilliant performers, Jason Mraz and Wé Ani McDonald along with Oak Town Jazz, San Francisco Opera Scouts, Young Musicians Choral Orchestra and our honorees Marcia and John Goldman and Alfre Woodard...we raised over A MILLION DOLLARS! So many kids will be given the gift of arts education because of all these incredible people and our incredible donors and volunteers including UBS our lead...


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