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  • Josh chatted with the fabulous ladies of The Talk and performed “Symphony” in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Watch Now! 

  • Watch Josh sing his latest single “99 Years” on the Today Show with Jennifer Nettles!

    Plus, Josh sits down with Katie Lee and Hoda to talk about the inspiration behind “99 Years" and share his memories of performing for the first time.

  • Tomorrow you have FOUR chances to catch me on TV! I’ll be performing, chatting, & doing fun Valentines Day Eve shenanigans on The Today Show, Kathie Lee and Hoda, The Talk and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Check Your Local listings for details!

  • New Tour Dates Announced!


    Fri., June 7
    Highland Park, IL
    Ravinia Festival^
    Sat., June 8
    Interlochen, MI
    Interlochen Center for the Arts^
  • Josh stopped by Busy Philipps' talk show "Busy Tonight” to discuss everything from his new Madison Square Garden concert film (showing one night only on Tuesday 2/12) to life on the road to video games and aliens. To top it all off, Busy made Josh’s Tweet Dreams come true. Watch the full episode at E! Online now!


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