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  • Josh and producer David Foster talk about Silent Night, the beautifully melodic song from his latest holiday album, Noel. Watch the video to see how they put the song together, Josh's thoughts on it, and some recording footage! Enjoy!

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  • BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - October 2, 2007) - Christmas joy arrives early this year for millions of Josh Groban fans as 143/Warner/Reprise Records announces the release of 'NOEL,' the artist's long-anticipated classic recording of holiday songs. Scheduled to arrive in stores on October 9th, Groban is joined on 'Noel' by the London Symphony Orchestra and several guest artists and has once again collaborated with Grammy-winning producer David Foster. Recorded in LA and the famed Abbey Road...

  • For all of Josh's international fans, Noel will be available in November in all countries that carry Warner Music product.Noel - The regular edition CD with 13 tracks will be available at all retailers on October 9th, 2007.Noel - The Special edition CD with 13 tracks and DVD "the making of the CD" footage will be sold exclusively at Target Stores available on October 9th, 2007Noel - Two versions available only through the Warner Bros. Records online store, FOJG and The...

  • The Instant Karma digital box set is the complete collection of all tracks recorded in support of Amnesty International's efforts in Darfur and will be released worldwide on 10/9 (John Lennon's birthday) via iTunes. Josh Groban's "Imagine" will be featured in the digital box set.

  • Josh is featured on the 'Upcoming Artists' section of XM Radio this month. Tune in 9/22 to listen to Josh throughout the day!


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